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Desert Road


September 1 - 4

The Stomping Grounds 300

Main Pit

25 Austin Ave 

Yerington NV 89447

-There will be no pitting inside the RV park. You may camp, with reservations, but no hot laps through the rv park.

-Dini’s Lucky club is 3.6 miles to main pit

Head north on Main Street from Dini’s lucky club. Turn left onto Goldfield Ave for 1 mile. Turn right onto Alt 95A for .4 miles, then left onto Bunch Dr. for 1.4 miles. Turn right at VORRA pit signs. DO NOT GO INTO RV PARK. 

-This main pit area is on private land. Please respect the land, and the other guests staying in the park.

1. The main pit area is slightly limited. We ask that you be mindful of your pit area. The pit area is different compared to last year. There will be 3 rows. Row one is in the old rv park area, and will be restricted to small groups, and camping/pitting will be on the north side of the pit road only against the fence. Row 1 and 2 will allow for pitting on both sides of the course.  Be sure to allow 25 feet between the track and your RV or trailer. Be aware that there may be pitting on the back side of your pit area. We also ask that you save the top area, near the RV park for semi’s and a very large truck and trailers.  


2. Main pit location: 38.9915136, -119.2084734. From Golden Gate gas station, Head north on US-95 ALT. Turn Left (west) onto Burch Dr. Follow Burch drive for 1.6 miles. Turn right at VORRA markers and follow into pits. (NOTE: this access into main pits will only be open until 2pm Friday afternoon, after that you will need to follow markers up towards the RV park)


3. Main Pit to Check point 1 38.9847208, -119.287973 and check point 5 39.0273069, 119.2589351. Head north on US-95 ALT and turn Left onto Luzier Ln. Follow Luzier Ln for two miles, turn right onto Mason pass road for 4.3 miles this will end up at Checkpoint 5. Head west on luzier about 2 miles to end at Checkpoint 1. Checkpoint 1 is an emergency only pit. NO staging.  Be sure to obey traffic laws, there will be 2-way traffic on this road. 


4. Main Pit to Checkpoint 4 39.0865424, -119.2712713.  Checkpoint 2, 39.0708346, -119.3218451. Pro Pit/Checkpoint 3, 39.1574292, -119.2465655. Head north on US-95 ALT. Turn Left onto Campbell Ln for 5.6 miles, Warning! This road goes through Yerington Indian Reservation. Follow the speed limits!!! Checkpoint 4 is on your right. Checkpoint 5 is 4.1 miles West from Pit B on Campbell Ln. There will be a ton of 2-way traffic. Watch your speeds. Chasers can make it from Checkpoint 2 to Checkpoint 4 with plenty of time. I have personally seen roll overs and head on’s on this road during races. Additionally, the racecourse parallels the access road for about one mile. There is no stopping on this part of the road. You must pit in the pit area. 


5. Pro Pit, Checkpoint 3 39.1574292, -119.2465655 will be accessible if needed. From Pit B head east and turn Left at Y. Pro pit access will be marked with Race arrows.


6. Friday: Qualifying registration starts at 1pm and ends at 3pm.  You will need to sign up online. You’ll still need to come and get your transponder and check in.  The qualifying drivers meeting starts at 4:15pm, bring your race car to registration. Following the meeting, we will line up in the pit area. We will then parade from the pit area to the start line. The start line will be at the north end of the Weed heights development. 


7. Friday: Youth Tech and registration will take place from 1-2 at the VORRA trailer. Qualifying registration takes place from 1-3. Youth races start at 3, MX and Quad Recon lap starts at 4pm, followed by the qualifying drivers meeting at 4:15 and the qualifying starting at 4:30. MX/Quad tech and registration is from 6-7.


8. Saturday: Late tech for MX and Quads is from 6-6:30, followed by the riders meeting at 6:30. Staging will start at 6:45 and the MX/Quads race starts at 7am. The track will be hot, including the main pit area, so please pay attention and do not block the racing lines.


9. Poker run sign ups start at 10 am and end at 12. The poker run drivers meeting will start at 12:45. The poker run starts at 1pm. Cards will be drawn as follows, Card 1, Start line.  Card 2, Checkpoint 2.  Card 3, Checkpoint 3.  Card 4, Sinclair Gas station Address is 423 N. Main St. Yerington NV 89447. Card 5, The Cellar Bar inside Dini’s casino. Please be sure we can read your name and phone number. Poker run winners will be announced at the Drivers meeting. Best card wins $500.00. Be sure all cards are submitted by 6pm.


10. Registration will take place inside Dini’s Cellar Bar. 


11. You MUST first tech your race car before entering registration.  Be sure you are signed up online and have signed all the waivers prior to entering registration. Save time, do it NOW!


12. Tech and registration will once again take place in Downtown Yerington. You will enter the Tech area on the south side on Main Street near the Yerington Inn. Follow the detour lines to the south entrance to main street. . The tech line will head North, and we ask that you park your vehicle on the main street after you have been teched. After the vehicle is teched, you will head into The Cellar bar inside the Dini’s Casino for registration. 


13. Pro pit is a service that will be out at the ½ way mark. Saturday, during tech, Pro pit will have free tri tip sandwiches. Bring your spare tires, fuel and parts to tech and enjoy a yummy sandwich!


14. You may drive your race to and from Tech with an escort. Be sure to obey all traffic laws!!!


15. IMPORTANT!!!! If you are new to VORRA or have not raced with VORRA in 2023 you are required to attend a new racer meeting in the Yerington Boys and Girls Club at 6:45 inside the Gymnasium.  We will go over some specific VORRA rules and racing etiquette. Roll will be called, if not in attendance you will lose your starting position.


16. The driver’s meeting is at 7:15 inside the Yerington Boys and Girls Club Gym.


17.Parade down main street at 8:00.  There will be an escort back to Main pit as needed.



18. The awards will take place Sunday morning at 10am inside the Boys and Girls Gym in downtown Yerington. 


19. Course notes. 

All Mile’s noted below are estimates!!

  1. This is as close to the Original Yerington course that we will ever get. The first 6 miles are tight and technical. Take your time, and if caught get out of the way asap.

  2. At Race mile (RM) 6 there is a ridgeline that at times become off camber. Watch this area.

  3. At RM 8, there is a left turn down into a rocky canyon. Lots of Maytag’s to take you out. 

  4. Checkpoint 1 is at the bottom of the hill; this is a non-staging checkpoint. Emergency only. 

  5. You will make full stops at checkpoint 1,2,4,5 and start and finish.

  6. All checkpoints and start finish will have 25mph zones. Most will be marked with large 25mph signs, speed zone signs, or smaller red speed zone signs. These zones will be on the GPS download. It is your responsibility to be within speed limits in these zones.

  7. Starting at RM 13, there are several wash outs. We have fixed many of them, but also left a few just to change the course up some.  The ones that have not been marked are heavily marked with dangers. 

  8. RM 23 becomes “skinny” with a decent cliff on the left side. Take your time.

  9. RM 26 there is a lakebed to the right. DO NOT take the lakebed. Anyone caught on the lakebed will receive an automatic DQ.

  10. RM 37, danger large washout. The course has been rerouted around the washout.

  11. Rm 39 washout at the bottom of a blind left-hand corner

  12. Just after Checkpoint 4, RM 41, the racecourse parallels the access road. There is no stopping or spectating in this area!

  13. RM 52-54 are tight, somewhat sketchy and slippery.  There are a few tight corners all while coming down hill. There is also a few washouts marked with dangers.  Be mindful of this road.

  14. Checkpoint race mileage

1. 10

2. 18

3. 33.5- pro pit

4. 41

5. 48


All chase crews must monitor their speeds on access roads. These roads will be very busy with two-way traffic. 

We are so excited we are bringing this iconic race back. Please respect the Private property in and around the man pit area.

Screenshot 2023-08-10 095341.png

August 31st

7:00PM                   Pre-race Party at Dini's Lucky Club


September 1st

​*Track is closed for all pre-running. This is a closed course on BLM land for race weekend only. To pre-run you must take part in the poker run. *

-Qualifying is limited to pro classes only- 

Class UT, 1, 6100, 10, Group-T, 4400, Pro Turbo UTV, Pro N/A UTV, Pro Stock Turbo, & N/A UTV


-Qualifying results will determine the overall start positions. If you choose not to qualify, you will start in the normal class starting order- following all those who complete the qualifying loop. To comply with BLM regulations, there is a $100.00 entry to qualify.  Overall fast time wins $300 for truck/buggy and $300 for Pro N/A & Pro Turbo UTV.

-Qualifying line up will be based on the overall results from the Dog Fight 250. The qualifying course is 4.25 miles long. Cars will start with 1-minute intervals.  If you choose not to qualify you will start behind ALL qualifiers.

1300 - 1400                Tech & Registration for Stock 170/ Mod 170 & Youth 1000- VORRA Trailer

1300 - 1500                Qualifying registration- VORRA Trailer 

1445                            Staging- 170 /Youth 1000             

1500                            Stock 170/ Mod 170- 

                                     30-minute race on Qualifying course (approx. 4.25 miles)

1530                            Youth 1000 

                                     30-minute race on Qualifying course (approx. 4.25 miles)

1600                            MX & Quad recon lap

1615                            Qualifying- drivers meeting

1630                            Qualifying  

1800-1900                  MX/Quad Tech & Registration- VORRA Trailer


September 2nd

0600-0630 MX/Quad Tech & Registration- VORRA Trailer 

0630 Rider’s meeting- VORRA Trailer 

0700 First Pro Bike off the line

Pros- 4, 55-mile laps

Experts- 3, 55-mile laps

Amateurs- 2 55- mile laps

*6-hour time limit*


1000-1200 Poker Run Sign ups- VORRA Trailer

1200 Plus start time NO MX/Quad to leave start line

1300 Poker run 

1300 (+start time) Race over for MX and Quad 


-Poker Run/Pre-run

$25 entry per vehicle, receives 1 hand (card). $100.00 for all non VORRA members.

Additional cards $25. Max 2 poker hands(card) per person.

Prizes will be given for the top 2 hands.

*All driver/riders & passengers must sign a liability waiver. *

All participants will start in groups.

  • Group 1 - 1300       Race cars and trucks

  • Group 2 - 1315       UTV's

  • Group 3 – 1330      Pre-runners - Handlebars

  • Group 4 – 1345      Stock Vehicles 

-There is a 35mph speed limit. There is no passing. There is no stopping. You may be held at a checkpoint to give a larger gap. Unless having a technical or mechanical issue you must not stop. This is about safety. Stay out of the dust. Learn the course!

1st card drawn @ Checkpoint #2

2nd card drawn @ Checkpoint #3

3rd card drawn @ Checkpoint #4

4th card drawn @ Sinclair Gas Station, corner of Goldfield Ave & Main St. (4-way stop sign)

5th card drawn @ Dini’s Lucky Club- The Cellar 


1400 – 1900          Tech & Contingency- Main Street, downtown Yerington (running south to north)

                                Registration- Dini’s Lucky Club (The Cellar)

*You can drive your race car from the pits to downtown. Follow all traffic laws and pink course markers.

1900                      Media Meeting

1915                      Mandatory Drivers Meeting- Boys and Girls Club of Mason Valley

                              *DRIVERS MUST ATTEND- Roll will be taken. *

2000                      Parade- Main Street back to main pit


September 3rd

The track will be the same as last year- approx. 55 miles (clockwise) with a 10-hour time limit.

*If there are more than 65 entries registered by 8/25, there will be two races. 

UTV’s will race in the morning, trucks & buggies in the afternoon. *

0815            Staging all classes

0900            First qualifier off the line

Pro Trucks/Buggy’s/Pro UTV         5 laps

½ 1600                                             4 laps

Stock Pro UTV                                  4 laps

Sportsman UTV                               3 laps

Class 9/11                                        4 laps

Vintage, Group T Lite                       4 laps

Sportsman Buggy and Group T Sports  3 laps


​1800(+ start time)- No car to leave the start line if deemed unable to complete by cut off time.

​1900(+ start time) - Race over for all vehicles.


September 4th

10:00         Awards presentation @ Boys and Girls Club of Mason Valley

                  124 N Main Street Yerington, NV

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