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VORRA's 10 Tips to Safe Spectating

VORRA welcomes everyone to our races. We encourage families to spend the day enjoying the amazing Nevada desert.  With that said, what we at VORRA take for granted, we found a lot of people just don’t know all the basics to safely enjoying off road racing.


Here is 10 tips to keep it safe!

  1. Always set up your camp or watching spot a minimum of 125 feet from the racing line. Do not roll over vegetation. Stay on existing roads. No cross country driving. Please, Tread Lightly!

  2. Always spectate in approved spectating zones. Typically, spectating areas are checkpoints and the Start/Finish area. Pack it in, Pack it out. For extra credit, pick up any trash near your spectating area.

  3. Never cross an active racecourse. Respect VORRA volunteers and recovery teams out on course.

  4. Never spectate on the downside of a hill or a jump, without a clear view of the approaching traffic. Never spectate on outside of a corner.  For example- If it’s a left-hand corner, watch from the left side of the track. For a right-hand corner, stay on the right side of the racecourse.

  5. Never turn your back to the track/race cars.

  6. Always keep your pets on a leash. Kids too if needed.

  7. Monitor and report accidents, dangers, or wildlife on or close to the racecourse. If you have a race radio, the VORRA/Weatherman station is 151.625. You can also call or text BJ at (916)256-8743.

  8. Unplug your microphone on your radio. Mic’s will often get stuck between the seats, in a cup holder, or sat on. This becomes a stuck mic situation, meaning, VORRA’s weatherman and Race Operations cannot communicate with racers and VORRA personal.

  9. Never remove, alter, or graffiti any type of course markings or signs.

  10. Stay hydrated. Pay attention to weather forecasts and dress accordingly. Start your vehicle every few hours to prevent being stranded with a dead battery.

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