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VORRA Racers - Know Before You Go

There are a ton of new racers coming in to 2023... Yay! We have also noticed that not everyone is aware of everything we can offer.

So here is a glimpse at some of the must know info:

  1. Unlike other organizations, racers will tech first before going through registration. Bring your safety gear to tech. Helmets, fire suits and head & neck restraints must be inspected every race.

  2. The track closes the Sunday prior to the race. If you are found on the racecourse the week before the race, you will be disqualified.

  3. VORRA covers the charges for a professional pit crew (Pro Pit) for all racers, this covers one pit area during races. Normally, Pro Pit is located ½ way through the track, or at the most difficult place for chase crews to get to. During tech be sure to bring your spare tires, fuel, and spare parts. Be sure to label all spares. After the race all spares will be dropped at the Start/Finish area, typically a few hours after the race ends. Any spares not picked up will be thrown away if not picked up by the end of the day after the race.

  4. While setting up your pit area- whether in the main pit or checkpoints, you must set up a minimum for 50 feet from the racing line. There should always be a 25-foot buffer between the course and your pit area. Look for the course markers to see where you should set up in the pit areas.

  5. On race day, please be sure to have pets on leashes. Kids if needed as well.

  6. Unless directed otherwise, pit areas open on Thursday morning before the race.

  7. While at a race, please do everything you can to not travel cross country. Stay on existing routes and do not run over brush if possible. Remember to Tread Lightly!

  8. Respect your pit areas. Please take up enough room for your pit area. Additional trailers and RVs should set up behind the racer’s trailers and RV’s.

  9. Please keep pit riding to a minimum and always wear a helmet. On race day, there is NO pit riding.

  10. Unless noted, you can drive your race car from the pit area to tech and registration. We ask that you impound your race cars following tech if we have a parade following the drivers meeting.

  11. Do not be late to staging. If you are late, you will be forced to start at the back of the field.

  12. Drivers meeting attendance is mandatory.

  13. Be sure to have a fuel containment mat to pit on. A tarp will work, provided it is in sound condition.

  14. Be sure to keep all fuel off of the ground, hard plastic kiddie pools work well.

  15. Any pit crew fueling race car(s) during the race must have a fire suit and helmet on. Fuel aprons are approved as well. Helmets can be out of date Snell approved. Fire suits can be 2 piece.

  16. While fueling, there must be an additional person holding a fire extinguisher in close proximity to where the fueling is taking place (within 10 feet).

  17. All VORRA races have recovery vehicles to retrieve vehicles broken on course. We are often able to get the car and drivers back to main pit. In some cases, access to the closest checkpoint or road crossings for self-recoveries will be more appropriate for VORRA personnel. Have a communication plan in place in advance for your crew to help facilitate recovery.

  18. Have your race crew radio channel posted in your pit and chase trucks. We suggest having it posted on a large sign easily visible to all in your pit. Be sure all crew members know your race channel or know where to find it in case of emergency.

  19. We also require that each race team have their team number/team name posted on a sign in front of each pit (main pit only). We suggest a sandwich board type sign, labeled on both sides.

  20. Speeding in pit areas is a huge violation. The first offense is a warning, and you will be stopped at start finish to talk about it. The second violation will be a 1-minute penalty per mph over the speed limit. The 3rd violation is disqualification.

  21. Co-drivers. You’re not just there for the ride. Your first and most important job is to watch your mirrors. The second is to call out corners and hazards. If you get caught by a faster racer wave your hand, let the guy behind you know you see them.

  22. Drivers. If you’re caught by another racer, get out of the way. While we do not condone rough driving, and rough driving will get penalties, refusing to get out of the way at the earliest spot and if proved by a in car camera will get you penalties as well.

  23. The final and most important thing to remember is to have fun! We consider ourselves family. Do not hesitate to come ask a VORRAteers or other racers for help. 99.9% we will get you fixed up and back on the course.

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