2022 Volunteer positions that qualify for points

Thursday: Set up- 3 people max, 9am-3pm

Help set up Scoring tower, fencing, signs, barriers, monitor pit area, unload and organize VORRA trailer.

Perform Misc. duties.

Friday: Qualifying and Poker run- 6 positions max 7am-1pm

  1. Registration for Qualifying and Poker run- 2 positions available

  2. Organize racers and poker run participants. Use cell phone to draw random cards at start line.    1 position available

  3. Run recovery for Qualifying. Go to checkpoint and draw random cards at checkpoints or run on the tail end of poker run to perform recovery. 3 positions available

Friday: Tech and Registration 1pm-7pm 7 positions available

  1. Assist with set up for tech, during tech with tech inspection and transponders install, perform tear down after tech is done. 3 positions available

  2. Assist in registration, verify registration forms and waivers are signed, assign wrist bands to racers. 2 positions available

  3. Assist with VORRA store. Organize and sell VORRA merchandise. 2 positions available

Saturday- Race Day- AM race and Pm race positions 7am-3pm, 3pm-11pm 9 positions available per shift.

  1. Assist with race line up, verify transponder install, assist with lap checking, remove transponders from completed vehicles. 2 positions available.

  2. Run checkpoint, stop traffic at road crossings, perform lap checking. 4 positions total

  3. Pit monitor- Verify fuel is contained, pits are set up 50 feet from course, monitor pit speeds. 1 position available

  4. Track Recovery. Use pre runners to locate and retrieve racers in distress or broken down. Transport racers and race vehicles off of course for pit retrieval. .2 positions available, must have pre runner.

Sunday- Awards- tear down 7am-done

  1. Assist with awards set up, organize trophies and checks. 1 position available.

  2. Help with tear down, remove signs, fencing, scoring tower, course markers, organize VORRA trailer. 3 positions available.

All positions must be on signup sheet on VORRA website by Wednesday before race.

All positions must be approved by Race Director, points will be only awarded to volunteers who complete the entire shift they signed up for.

Each race car will receive a maximum of 10 bonus points per race.