The 2020 race season will have a 3-race championship.

With wild west once again cancelled. Any pre entry will be refunded or put towards the Fallon race.
Entry date and time will determine starting positions. Please see the pre entry form at the bottom of the
Fallon race info page. The list will be updated every Monday up to the week of the race. Racers
requesting a refund need to email us and names will be removed from the entry list.

Yerington race will have a draw for starting positions. The drawing will take place at the welcome party
Friday night inside Dini’s Lucky club.

You must race all 3 races in order to qualify for points championship. (previous 1 race throw out)

Head and neck restraints will not be mandatory until the 2021 race season. (previous 3 race grace period
for 2020)

Please be advised: VORRA is a zero-tolerance company, protecting children of all ages. No one who has
been convicted of any level of crime against a child or children is allowed at our events. VORRA reserves
the right to refuse anyone the staff deems necessary at VORRA events.

​6100: adopting BITD and Score rules.

Trophies: NO trophies will be mailed. Must be picked up at Awards or following race Registration.

Hot pits at all races: During a racers “moto” all pitting to take place in Hot pit. All fuelers must wear a fire
suit and helmet while fueling on a fuel containment mat. Helmet’s can be expired as far as racing terms
but must be full faced. Fire suits can be 2 pieces.

Numbering: Must be white numbers on black background or black numbers on white background.
Depending on style and or set up, promoter’s discretion may be used.

VORRA numbering:
Pro Production UTV 1900-1999
Pro Production Turbo UTV 2900-2999
Unlimited UTV 1800-1899
Stock UTV 3900-3949
Stock Turbo UTV 3950-3999
Sportsman UTV 5900-5999
UT 1-99
C1 100-199
10 1001-1099
6100 6100-6199

1600 1600-1699
Group T 1400-1499, 800-899,7200-7299,400-499. After 2020, all Numbers will be 400-499
Class 9 900-999
4400 4400-4499
4500 4500-4599
Class 11 1101-1199
5/1600 550-599
Vintage OPEN
Sportsman OPEN
Group T Sport 700-799

PRO: UT, 1, 10, ½ 1600, 6100, GROUP T, 4400,4500:
-Total entry $680 (Land use $125, Insurance $60, Payback $65, Points $25)
Limited Pro: Class 5/1600, 11, 9, Vintage:
-Total Entry: $430 (Land use $125, Insurance $60, Payback $40, Points $25)
​Pro UTV: Turbo, N/A, Unlimited:
Total Entry: $430 (Land use $125, Insurance $60, Payback $40, Points $25)
​Pro Stock Turbo UTV, Pro Stock N/A UTV:
-Total Entry $355 (Land use $125, Insurance $60, Payback $40, points $10)
​Sportsman Buggy’s and Group T Sportsman:
-Total Entry: $355 (Land Use $125, Insurance $60, Payback 0, Points $0)
Sportsman UTV:
-Total Entry: $250 (Land Use $125, Insurance $60, Payback 0, Points $0)

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