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2023 Rule Changes & Updates

  1. There will be no handicap for the Pro-stock class running a fuel cell in 2023.

  2. There will be NO Throw out race in 2023.      

  3. If you plan on running the Gold Rush race, you can qualify for VORRA entry fees IF you race 4 of the 5 races prior to the Gold Rush race.

  4. Pro UTV classes can now run 35-inch tires. Pro stock will be limited to 33 inches.

  5. All UTVs must have at least one side bar on each side of vehicle that will protect occupants from side impact. These side bars must be 1.5”x .120.  The side bars must be as close to parallel to the ground as possible, be located to provide maximum protection to the occupants, and be securely welded or hinged to the front and rear hoops.

  6. All classes can choose between white background w/black numbers or black background w/white numbers.  There must be a gap of at least 1 1⁄4” between the black line and the numbers. Any number location that is deemed by VORRA to be too hard to read will have to be changed prior to vehicle competing in the event. Please make numbers easy to see. Do not blend numbers into design on vehicle.  All vehicles in competition must have identification numbers in the following locations and sizes:

    • ​*Minimum 6 inches high with 1-inch-wide stroke on each side of vehicle in line with the occupants.

    • *Minimum 6 inches high with 1-inch-wide stroke on the rear of vehicle and is plainly visible from the rear.

    • *Minimum 4 inches high located on the front of vehicle and is plainly visible from the front of the vehicle.

    • Note: VORRA assumes no responsibility for scoring vehicles with unrecognizable numbers. It is the vehicle driver’s responsibility for keeping numbers recognizable. You will not start the race unless your number plate adheres to these rules.

  7. The Polaris Pro R will race in the Pro Unlimited UTV class.

  8. There will also be an Unlimited UTV sportsman class in 2023. Pro R’s will race this class if they decide not to race the pro class.

  9.  Ultra4 classes, 4500 and 4800 will have a limited pro class. VORRA is in talks to have an epic prize for overall winners in 2023!

  10.  Helmets must meet one of the following: SA2015, SA2020 or FIA Standard 8860- 2015.

  11.  We feel like a broken record when it comes to entry fee increases... While we strive to be as affordable as possible, as our base operating costs have increased, we are forced to increase entry fees in 2023. With that said, we have some great opportunities for additional prize money at the end of races and year end points.                                                                             

    • 2023 Entry Fees:

    1. Pro Truck/Buggy Class ($900.00)

    2. Limited Pro class ($650.00)

    3. Pro UTV (N/A, Turbo) ($800.00) (Pro UTV will complete the full race mileage at each race)

    4. Sportsman UTV ($550.00)

    5. Pro Stock UTV ($650.00)

    6. Sports. Buggy, Group T ($600.00)

    7. Pro/Expert MX/ Quad ($300.00)

    8. Amateur MX/Quads ($200.00)

  12. All pro classes (Including MX and Quads) will have a chance to Qualify. Qualifying for Truck/buggies/UTV’s will remain $100.00, MX/Quads will pay $50.00. With at least 5 entries in each group, the Top Truck and buggy will take home $250.00 at each race. Top Turbo UTV will take home $250.00, Top N/A UTV will take home $250.00. Top MX will take home $125.00; Top Quad will take home $125.00.

  13.  $20.00 from every entry fee will go into a pot. Racers will receive a raffle ticket; the corresponding ticket will go into the box. At the end of the season, 1 racer will win ½ of the total pot (approx. $4,200.00). The other ½ of the pot will go towards supporting the VORRAteers with travel expenses and safety gear.

  14.  2023 will also see our overall winners take home over $35k in overall year end prize money.                                                                                                                                            

    • 1st place overall in points for UTV and for Trucks/ Buggy’s will take home 5k each.                        

    • 1st place in each pro class that has over 10 total entries in year end points will take home $2,500.00 each.                                                                                     

    • 1st place in each pro class that has over 15 total entries in year end points will take home $3,500.00 each.                                                                                                            

    • 1st place in each sportsman class with over 10 entries in year end points will take home $1000.00

    • 1st place in Pro MX/Quad and Expert MX/Quad with over 10 entries in year end points will each take home $1,500.00

  15. This means if you run a pro class, take overall points, and win your class that has over 15 total entries in class takes home $8,500.00.

  16. 10% of entry fees go to paybacks at races, and 5% of entry fees go to year end points.

  17. At each race, if your pro class has 10 or more entry’s the winner will have a guaranteed payback of your entry fee cost. If you race Pro Turbo and win, you take home $800.00. Normal paybacks to 2nd and 3rd place. 

  18.  If you race all 6 races in 2023 and your class has at least 5 total entries for the year, the top 3 in each class points will qualify for additional prizes. 3rd place in points will win a free entry in 2024. 2nd place in points will win for a free entry to 1 race qualifying, and 1st place in points will win a free membership.

  19. Trophies will only be mailed after the race if you click the option for mailing during registration.

  20.  Racers will only qualify for trophies and payback IF you finish the race. This means finishing the laps/miles within the time limit.

  21.  Qualifying will remain the same in 2023 as we did in 2022. This means, where you qualify is where you start regardless of class. If you choose not to qualify you will be entered into a random draw and start in the classic starting order. IE: UT, Class 1, Group T, Class 10. Pro turbo UTV, Pro N/A UTV, Pro stock Turbo, Pro stock N/A. etc.….

Additional Notes:


-In 2023, the entire VORRA staff, along with as many VORRAteers as possible will become CPR and First Aid certified. We will also have media, volunteer, and first-time racer meetings prior to each race. Racing is a dangerous sport, but VORRA is committed to safety. We care about you, your crew, our staff/volunteers, media, and spectators. VORRA will continue to make safety the highest priority.


-We will now also have a one stop shop for photos and videos on our website. You will simply log into and click on the link to each media outlet taking part in the 2023 season.


-In 2023, we are stepping up our game in all aspects of “the show”. We will have a chaplain from RFC (Racer for Christ) at all races. The start finish area will be “fancier”, there will be a grid style line up, including a playing of the national anthem. Driver introductions will take place over a PA system with teams and sponsors announced for each racer. We will continue to add additional items as we get closer to the season. The thought is, after 4 years of Laura and BJ running VORRA, it’s now time to bring the “show” up to the competition of racing we now have.


-Prior to the 2023 awards ceremony, we will hold a vote for sportsman of the year. There will be 2 different awards. Racer and team. Each will be awarded a free race entry in 2024.


-We continue to pursue additional sponsors and contingency partners. We will provide updates on our website, Facebook, and Instagram.



One thing is for sure, 2023 is going to be a great year for our VORRA family!

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