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Vorra Racers,

Coming off the largest race in Vorra’s history, there has been a wave of emotions. I am proud of what
we as a family, were able to put on during these trying times. As some of you know, Vorra was down
several of our key Vorrateers. We thought we had a good handle on the timing and scoring side but
found out 5 minutes before the first race Saturday morning that our system had crashed. Several
Vorrateers, along with some help from fellow racers attempted to help us get going, but in the end the
system just would not get up to speed. We had already planned on having a manual back up, but to use
for reference. With the scorching heat, and an 18-hour day, lap times were/are a bit chaotic. We made
the difficult choice to cancel the awards Sunday morning, so we could concentrate on getting the track
cleaned up and get our volunteers home to have some much-needed rest.

Luckily, all lap times were documented, and after careful review we were able to get the correct lap
times posted.

With that, moving forward, this will not happen again. We have designed a new scoring system.We are
investing into a new tracking system as well. I have been skeptical up to now, trying not to add an
additional fee. I have talked to several companies, and we are going to go with Racing-trax. Yerington
will be a trial race. If it works like it does for other organizations then we will continue. Yes, this will be
an additional expense per race for each race car. (See breakdown below) But I believe that us, as an
organization owe it to our racers to have the most accurate race possible. This will also help with
controlling speeding in speed zones, allow for constant leaderboard updates, text messages with
location and speeds sent every 8 minutes, tracking on the racecourse and overall an easier and accurate
experience for the racer and for our crew.

I have spoken to a few of our lifetime members for guidance, there are mixed feelings but overall, the
answer was to go with this system.

I appreciate you all, from racers, to families, chasers, volunteers and most importantly my wife, who
really is the one who keep’s this going! Yerington is going to be big. I know the town wants us, the
county, heck it has been my dream since I was a kid to put this race on. We have an awesome weekend
planned and we really look forward to this race.

You must head over to to purchase the wire harness and mounting bracket. (if you do
not already have one) This is a one-time fee of $40.00. The harness will need constant power and should
not be wired to a switch. The tracker draws less than 1 amp. You can choose to add on the text message
feature that will send location and speed every 8 minutes for $22.00 per phone number.

Shipping $7.99

Entry fees are going up $75.00 per car.

Vorra will be absorbing the additional fees associated with the tracking device and set up.

Thank you,
BJ and Laura Butcher

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