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1. Head and Neck restraints are mandatory in 2021. There will be a 1 race grace period if you show up to your second race without a HnR you will not be able to race.

2. 6100 class rules follow the BITD rule book.

3. Class 9|11|1600|5/1600 rules follow the SNORE rule book.

4. Short Course classes will follow the 2020 LOORS regional and national series rule books. VORRA understands that some changes are needed, and the rulebook is much more complicated than it needs to be. VORRA will be addressing rulebook concerns, and if a specific class can agree on a change the request will be reviewed.  Following the completion of each main, top finishers may be required to have their vehicle impounded to inspect for proper specs.

5. Trophies: NO trophies will be mailed. Must be picked up at Awards or at the following race registration. In 2020 we did our best to mail when possible or needed. In 2021 that will not be the case. Although, we will now do our best to have trophies ready soon after the race. You may pick trophies up at the VORRA store in all cases.

6. Hot pits may take place at some of the races in 2021. Regardless, all fuelers must wear a fire suit and helmet while fueling on a fuel containment mat. Helmets can be expired as far as racing terms but must be full faced. Fire suits for fuelers can be 2 pieces.

7. A protest committee will be randomly selected before each race. 5 Drivers of record will make up the committee with 1 alternate. The committee will be announced at each driver’s meeting. This committee will be chosen out of the preregistered racers. 


8. If you are racing in one specific championship or multiple championships in 2021 please be sure to note that on your membership form.  


9. Desert cars are welcomed at short course races. If a desert car wants to run multiple classes (desert and short course) they can if they meet the minimum rules for the specific class. IE: Pro Turbo UTV-Production Turbo UTV


10. Transponders will be used at all races in 2021. The cost of the transponder rental is built into the entry fee.  As are all land use fees. 10% of the entry fee goes to race payout. 5% of entry fee goes to season points payout. There will also be sponsor bonuses per race and specific classes.


11. In 2020 numbering were a joke in some cases. In 2021 if you do not have the proper number system or identification you will not start the race. (IE paper plates, cutting boards, odd colored numbers or numbers not relative to the class.

This means, more so for the desert classes, you now need to choose a new number.


12. MX and Quad will follow Legacy racing rule book and numbering.


13. Anyone planning on racing in 2021 will need a membership. For Buggy and Truck classes the Yearly membership is $50.00 if purchased before 3/1. 

After 3/1 Memberships will be $75.00

MX and Quad memberships are $35.00

Memberships will reserve your race number, give you free admission and camping at the Prairie city race at the end of the year. Admission and camping fees will be required at Glen Helen and Wild West regardless of memberships (Private track rules). Memberships will also give you a discount at the year-end awards banquet.

13. The Pro UTV class may now be entered without a fuel cell. If your vehicle does not have a fuel cell, you must have a fire suppression system. We suggest contacting Use coupon code vorratech for 5% off.


14. In 2021 most of registration will take place online. Waiver forms, sign ups and payments are highly encouraged. VORRA is trying to do it’s best when it comes to safety and having as little contact as possible. Late fees may apply up to $100.00 if registering in person at the track.  Also, there will be separate lines during registration to enable those who have registered to enter the “fast pass line”


15. Tech will also start to work a little different as well. At the start of the year or if it’s a race cars first race, vehicles will receive a heavy inspection.  At following races, if the vehicle has not had any major structural repairs or modifications the vehicle will proceed to the “fast pass line”. In this line, tech inspectors will verify proper lights, horn, nets, seat belts, fire suits and helmets.  All vehicles would need a 2021 VORRA sticker. Helmets would also need the 2021 VORRA sticker as well.

Numbering: Must be white numbers on black background or black numbers on white background. You must have numbers on each side and on the rear of the vehicle. Number’s must be 6 inch’s high.


Depending on style and or set up, promoter’s discretion may be used.


Couple changes in class numbers. Sportsman Buggy numbering is now 1500-1599. Group T it’s time to start switching your numbers to 400-499.

If you raced with VORRA in 2020, your number is yours until the first race of the specific series you are racing. At that point, the number is now up for grabs. Otherwise it is first come first served.

VORRA Numbering:

Class                                Numbers
Pro N/A UTV                  1900-1999
Pro Turbo UTV               2900-2999
Unlimited UTV               1800-1899
Stock UTV                      3900-3949
Stock Turbo UTV           3950-3999
Sportsman UTV            5900-5999
UT                                   1-99
C1                                   100-199
10                                   1001-1099
6100                               6100-6199

1600                              1600-1699
Group T                         1400-1499, 800-899,7200-7299,400-499. If you are planning on racing a full season you need to start switching numbers to 400-499
Class 9                          900-999
4400                             4400-4499
4500                             4500-4599
Class 11                       1101-1199
5/1600                         550-599
Vintage                         OPEN
Sportsman                   1501-1599
Group T Sport              700-799

Pro 2                             1-99

Pro 4                             1-99

Pro Buggy                     1-99

Limited Buggy              300-399

Prod. 1000 UTV            900-999

Prod. Turbo UTV           700-799

570 UTV                        1-99

Modified Cart                500-599

Stock 170 UTV              100-199

Mod 170 UTV                200-299

JR2 Cart                        400-499

SR1                               1-99

RS1                               1-99

Mini Stock                    1-99

Full Stock                     1-99

Tough Trucks               OPEN

Open Pro                      2-99                                                                White Numbers, Blue background.

Open Expert                 100-999 with a (N) following the number.  Black numbers, White background

Open Amateur             100-999 with a (N) following the number.  Black numbers, Yellow background

30+ Expert                   100-999 with a (P) following the number.   Black numbers, White background

30+ Amateur               100-999 with a (P) following the number.   Black numbers, Yellow background

40+ Expert                   100-999 with a (P) following the number.   Black numbers, White background

30+ Amateur               100-999 with a (P) following the number.   Black numbers, Yellow background

Ironman Expert           100-999 with a (J) following the number.    Black numbers, White background

Ironman Amateur        100-999 with a (J) following the number.    Black numbers, Yellow background   

Women’s Amateur       100-999 with a (W) following the number.  Black numbers, Yellow background

Pro Quad                       1-99      with a (Q) following the number.   White Numbers, Blue background

Expert Quad                  100-999 with a (Q) following the number.   Black numbers, White background

Expert Amateur            100-999 with a (Q) following the number.   Black numbers, Yellow background​

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