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Dry Dirt Road

El Coyote 400


March 3 - 5

2023 El Coyote 400 Lovelock NV Information letter


  1. Directions from C Punch casino to Main pit. 40.2199613, -118.5285654.  If you type Lovelock Speedway into google maps or apple maps it’ll take you straight to it.  Head South on 2nd cross street. Turn right onto 14th St. Turn right onto NV 398 north. Turn left onto NV 399 West for 2.7 miles. Look for Lovelock speedway and VORRA signs.

  2. Directions from Main pit to Pit 1. 40.339573, -118.3969876. Head south from access road. Turn left onto NV-399 east for 2.7 miles. Turn Left onto NV398 North for 1.0 mile. Turn right to stay on NV-398 North for 1.9 miles, Turn left onto US-95 Business for 3.2 miles. Continue straight onto Upper valley rd. for 5.5 mikes. Continue onto Poker Brown Camp rd. for 2.2 miles. Turn Left to stay on Poker Brown camp rd. for .5 miles. You will dead into the pit area. Pitting is on the right side of course.

  3. Directions from main pit to Pit 2 (pro pit). 40.3475426, -118.6997725. Head south from main pit on access road. Turn Right onto NV-399 west for 9.4 miles. Turn slight Right onto 7 Troughs rd. for 4.7 miles.  Be sure to Pit before pro pit who will be on the u turn corner.

  4. Directions from main pit to Pit 3.  40.1512354, 40.1512354. head south on access road from Main pit. Turn Left onto NV-399 east for .4 miles. Turn Right onto NV-854 east for 1.6 miles. Turn Right onto Lone Mountain rd. for .6 miles. Take a slight left onto Toulon Peak Rd, and then another left to stay on Toulon Peak rd. for 5.2 miles. This is close to a single lane road so please take it slow and watch out for oncoming traffic.  The pit area will be on your right.

  5. Please refer to the pit map posted on social media and the website. Follow the racecourse markers and be sure to set up 25 feet from the race line. Rows 1, 1.5, 5, 6 will be reserved for large groups with a lot of campers and trailers. Rows 2,3,4 will be for smaller groups.

  6. Non racers, no essential pit crew, and overflow will camp in the camping area.

  7. Main pits are located on private land. Please respect the racetrack and facility. Anyone caught on the circle track will be DQ’d. Remember to Tread Lightly!

  8. There will be a minimum of 7 different pit lanes in the pit area, pay attention to parking and no parking signs. There must be a 25-foot gap from race line to RV’s and trailers. If proper gap is not given, you will be asked to move.

  9. Qualifying registration starts at 7:30am.  You will need to sign up online. You’ll still need to come and get your transponder and check in.  Qualifying drivers meeting starts at 9am, bring your race car to registration. Following the meeting, we will line up in the pit area. We will then parade from the pit area to the start line.

  10. Poker run sign ups start at 10 am and end at 11. The poker run drivers meeting will start at 11:45. The poker run starts at 12pm. Cards will be drawn as follows, Card 1, Registration.  Card 2, Pit one. Card 3, Pit Two.  Card 4, Road crossing 1, Card 5 C Punch Casino bar. Please be sure we can read your name and phone number. Poker run winners will be announced at the Drivers meeting. Best card wins $300.00. Be sure all cards are submitted by 5pm.

  11. The poker run speed limit for this race is 45mph. Be sure to watch the course markers for dangers and wash outs.

  12. Registration will take place inside the C Punch Casino meeting Ball room.

  13. You MUST first tech you race car before entering registration.  Be sure you are signed up online and have signed all the waivers prior to entering registration. Save time, do it NOW!

  14. Tech and registration will take place at the C punch Casino. Tech will be in the parking lot on the south side of the casino.

  15. You may drive your race to and from Tech with an escort. It is 5.3 miles.  Be sure to obey all traffic laws!!! Please keep your RPM’s as low as possible. Following the course arrows into town take you past several homes. Let’s keep it classy VORRA!

  16. IMPORTANT!!!! If you are new to VORRA or have not raced with VORRA in 2022 you are required to attend a new racer meeting in the C punch Ball room at 6:15 at the stage. We will go over some specific VORRA rules and racing etiquette. Roll will be called, if not in attendance you will lose your starting position.

  17. Media meeting’s Friday morning at 8:45 located at the VORRA trailer and Friday Evening at 6:00pm inside the C punch Ball room.

  18. Driver’s meeting at 6:30 in the C punch Ball room

  19. Following the drivers meeting, you will need to pick up your line up card. This card will be used for your starting position on race day. You must return your line up card in staging, if you do not have your card, you will start at the back of the pack.

  20. Awards will take place Sunday morning at 10am inside the C Punch casino meeting room.

  21. Course notes. The free basic GPS download will be on the website Monday before the race.  Erica Seidman will have course notes for sale for $100.00.  We highly recommend purchasing these notes.

All Mile’s noted below are estimates!!

  1. Race mile 2-10 have several wash outs and G outs, these have been marked with down arrows and dangers. Don’t end your day in the first 12 miles.

  2. After Check point one there the road will be called Rally Road, it’s fast and twisty and a ton of fun, there are a few gotchas, pay attention to the markers.

  3. After Visual B, you’ll get onto a Very fast county road, while the road will be “closed” keep an eye out for oncoming traffic. There is on left over a rise, and depending on speed, it could end your day.

  4. RM 57-64 will be silty. You can go 50 feet from the racecourse on either side.

  5. The last 8 miles is slow and go, and the course comes dangerously close to power towers and cables. These will be clearly marked with pink ribbon. We believe that it may be silty in this area, and based on some of the corners on the course that were raced 15 years ago it may get wide.

  6. Just before the road crossing, there is a power station that is a 25mph speed zone.  You may be held at this road crossing for oncoming traffic.


March 2, 2023

Pre-race Party at C Punch Casino.


March 3, 2023

Track is closed for all pre running. This is a closed course on BLM land for race weekend only. To pre run you must take part in the poker run.

Qualifying will take place for all pro vehicles.  Class UT, 1, 6100, 10, Group T, 4400, Pro turbo UTV, and Pro N/a UTV, Pro stock Turbo and N/A UTV. Qualifying will result for an overall start position. If you choose not to qualify, you will start in the normal class starting order following all those who complete the qualifying loop. To comply with BLM regulations, there is a $100.00 entry to qualify. With at least 5 entries in each group, the Top Truck and buggy will take home $250.00 at each race. Top Turbo UTV will take home $250.00, Top N/A UTV will take home $250.00.


Qualifying line up will be based on the 2022 overall point standings.  The Qualifying course is 4.8 miles long. One car will start every 1 minute. 

07:30 – 8:30               Qualifying registration, sign up online to save time! – VORRA Trailer

10:00 – 11:00             Poker run sign ups – VORRA Trailer               

9:00                             Drivers meeting for Qualifying, followed by line up – VORRA Trailer

9:30                             Qualifying begins.

11:45                           Poker run drivers meeting.

12:00                           Poker Run Begins- 4-hour time limit. Poker cards will not be accepted after 5pm at the last card draw                                       inside the C punch Bar.

Poker Run-pre run, $25 entry per vehicle, receives 1 hand (card). $100.00 for all non VORRA members. All drivers and riders must sign a liability waiver. Prizes will be given for best hands.

Additional cards $25. Max two cards per person.

All participants will start in groups.

  • Group 1 - 12:00           Race cars and trucks

  • Group 2 - 12:15           UTV's

  • Group 3 - 12:30           Pre-runners - Handlebars

  • Group 4 - 12:45           Stock Vehicles

There is a 35mph speed limit. There is no passing. There is no stopping. You may be held at a checkpoint to give a larger gap. Unless having a technical or mechanical issue you must not stop. This is about safety. Stay out of the dust. Learn the course!

1st card drawn at the during poker run registration, 2nd card drawn at Pit 1, 3rd card drawn at Pit 2, 4th card drawn at Road Crossing 1. 5th and final card drawn at C Punch Bar.

14:00-18:00                   Tech located across the street from the C Punch Casino. Registration inside C punch Casino in the                                              meeting room.

18:30                               Mandatory Drivers Meeting, all drivers must attend. Roll will be taken.                                                                                             Location C punch Meeting room

19:00                               Pickup lineup cards. C punch Meeting room


March 4, 2023

Track will run counterclockwise. Approx 85 miles in length.

08:00                                                   Staging Trucks and Buggy’s

08:15                                                   Staging UTV’s

8:45                                                     Opening Ceremony

09:00                                                   First Truck or Buggy off the line

Pro Trucks/Buggy’s/Pro UTV        4-85-mile laps, 12-hour time limit

½ 1600                                                4 laps

Stock Pro UTV                                   3 laps

Sportsman UTV                                2 laps

Class 9/11                                           3 laps

Vintage, Group T Lite                      4 laps

Sportsman Buggy and Group T Sports          2 laps


​18:30   + start time - No car to leave start line if deemed unable to complete by cut off time.

​21:00   + start time - Race over for all vehicles.


March 5, 2023

10:00      Awards presentation location C Punch meeting room

Race Days

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