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The awards will take place this year at the Boomtown Casino just outside of Reno Nevada. This year will
be an afternoon affair running from 11am to 3pm. This leaves time for a fun night out after the awards
as well. Being the awards are early, Business casual is total ok. We want to recognize those who raced
the 2021 seasons. Please see the attached awards list and we hope to see you all soon!

Hotel discount code: 

Final Points qualifiers: Originally at the beginning of the year the rule was posted that you must race all
races in order to qualify for points and payback. Due to several circumstances, we are modifying that
rule in some cases.

Short course:

If you raced 3 rounds and were at the last race and attempted to race the 5th race you will qualify for a
season overall points trophy. In order to qualify for payback, you must have raced at least 3 rounds.

Desert Series:

Top 3 in each class would qualify for a trophy if you raced in 3 of the 4 races. Payback will go to the
winners or up to the top 3 if you attended all 4 races.

MX and Quad Classes:

Top 3 in each class would qualify for a trophy if you raced in 3 of 4 races. Payback goes to the winners if
you attended all 3 races.

season-21-trophies-1 copy.jpg
season-21-trophies-2 copy.jpg
season-21-trophies-3 copy.jpg
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