Desert Trees


MAY 28 - 31



May 28, 2021

7:00 pm                                   Welcome party location: Dini's Lucky Club Casino parking lot

Track is closed for all pre running. This is a closed course on private land for race weekend only.

To pre run you must take part in the poker run.


May 29, 2021

9:00 am                                 Poker Run sign ups - VORRA Trailer

9:45 am                                 Poker Run drivers meeting at the start finish area.

10:00 am                             

Poker Run-pre run, $25 entry per vehicle with VORRA membership, receives 1 hand (card). $100.00 for all non VORRA members. All drivers and riders must sign a liability waiver. Prizes will be given for best hands. 1 Card will be drawn at the start line. Checkpoints 1,2,3 and the finish. Additional cards $25. Max two cards per person.

All participants will start in groups.

  • Group 1 - 10:00 am       Race cars and trucks

  • Group 2 - 10:15 am       UTV's

  • Group 3 - 10:30 am       Pre runners

  • Group 4 - 10:45 am       Quads and dirt bikes

  • Group 5 - 11:00 am       Stock Vehicles

There is a 35mph speed limit. There is no passing. There is no stopping. You may be held at a checkpoint to give a larger gap. Unless having a technical or mechanical issue you must not stop. This is about safety. Stay out of the dust. Learn the course! The final card will be drawn at the Circle M Chevron station in town. The chevron station is kiddie corner to the McDonal's. You literally can't miss it if your headed into town. Address is 423 N. Main St. Yerington NV 89447

2:00-6:00 pm                       

Tech and Registration in downtown Yerington. Tech - Main Street. Registration -  Will take place in the Cellar bar inside the Dini's Casino. Trailer Parking is located east of Dini's in the dirt parking lot behind Dotty's casino. Tech and Registration may have additional rules to follow per virus.

6:15 pm

Mandatory Drivers Meeting, located on main street on the stage. We will broadcast the drivers meeting live on Facebook. 

7:15 pm                               

Parade down main street, escort back to Main pit following parade.


May 30, 2021

Start Finish Area. From Dini's Casino head east on A95 3 miles. Look for VORRA signs.

6:30 am                                     Staging Pro Buggy and Trucks

7:00 am                                     First Unlimited Truck off the line (1 vehicle per 30 sec)

  • Pro Classes race 6-42 mile laps, 8-hour time limit.

  • Sportsman buggy and Group T sportsman race 4 laps

  • 1/2 1600 5 laps

2:00 + Start time                No vehicle to leave start line

3:00 + Start time                Race over for all morning race vehicles

2:30 pm                                     Staging UTV and limited buggy's

3:00 pm                                     First Pro UTV leave's start line

  • Pro UTV 5 laps

  • Stock Pro UTV 4 laps

  • Sportsman race 3 laps

  • Class 9/11 5 laps

10:00 pm + Start            No car to leave start line if deemed unable to complete by cut off time.

11:00 pm + Start            Race over for all vehicles. 



May 31, 2021

10:00 am: Start finish Area.

Yerington info packet

  1. This course is on the EAST side of the valley. Considered our new course, the same one we ran in 2020. Pit’s move in will not start until Thursday afternoon.  The pits are an active farmland, and as of Sunday the pits have not been laid out.

  2. Main pits are located almost exactly 3 miles from Dini’s Lucky club casino. Head East on Alt 95 highway towards Hawthorne. Look for the signs on the highway. There is only one way to get to the pits. DO not use backroads to go from town to the pit area.  Turn off 38.9968603, -119.1168412

  3. Live drawing for starting positions will take place Friday night at Dini’s lucky club. 7pm outside. The top 3 from Hawthorne will start with a inversion. The rest of the entries will be drawn at this time.  You must be entered by Thursday night at 6pm to be entered into the drawing.

  4. The poker run will take place Saturday at 10 am. All non-racing vehicles and participates will start last in the poker run. Starting positions for the poker run are listed on the website. Be sure to show up at you designated starts times.  The final card will be drawn at the Circle M Chevron station in town. The chevron station is kiddie corner to the McDonald’s. You literally cannot miss it if your headed into town. The Circle M Chevron station is putting $500.00 to the poker run winner. Address is 423 N. Main st Yerington NV 89447

  5. Tech and Registration will take place on main street in Yerington.  You can drive your race car from main pit to tech, we ask that you have a spotter vehicle to follow if possible and be sure to follow all local traffic laws. There will be a lot more vendors this year. After completing tech, please park your race car on main street towards the north side of main street.  We will hold a parade following the drivers meeting.

  6. The Drivers meeting will take place on Main street at the stage. It will also be carried live on Facebook.

  7. Racing Starts at 7am Sunday morning. Pro Buggy’s and Trucks are up first for this race. UTV’s, and sportsman classes you are the 2nd race. Be sure you have lights, depending on how your race goes, you might have a lap or 2 in the dark.

  8. There are NO pits or spectator areas on the South side of the course.  Checkpoint one is a mercy pit, but there is no staging of pit crews. This area is now privately owned land. The landowner requests that we keep this area clear. All Vorrateers will be instructed to ask everyone to leave this area.

  9. There will be only two pit areas. Main pit and checkpoint 6/7. Pro pit will be at this area.  The bad part is this area is land locked. Meaning you cannot access this area during the race. Pit crews will be stuck at this pit until after the race. Once the first race is over, there will be an all-clear sign given for the first race pit crews to leave, and the 2nd race pit crew to come in.

  10. There will be only one spectator area this year. That will be located 6.8 miles east on highway 95 from the main pit area. Head east from the man pit area turn off to Hawthorne.  39.0322312, -119.0019807

  11. There will be a 25-mph zone near the homes about 2 miles before the finish. Last year, Dust was a big issue in this area. (smoke too!) We will have this area monitored with a radar gun. Know now, if you are speeding, you will receive a penalty and you will spend some time with me at the start line. We are going to do our best to water this area.  

  12. Awards will be held Monday morning at The Start finish area. 

  13. There are 2 road crossings on the south side of the course. These are 25 mph zones. You may be stopped if traffic is on the main road. Unlikely, but definitely a possibility.

  14. There are several 25 mph zones on course, but the only full stop will be at start/finish. 

  15. All race cars will head through main pits each lap. You’ll make a right turn into the main pit area. 

  16. Staging will take place on the main access road at main pit.

  17. Sportsman buggy and truck will now run with the UTVs in the afternoon race. Class laps updated:

  18. Race 1: Pro Buggy and Trucks 6 laps. ½ 1600 5 laps. Group T sportsman 4 laps

  19. Race 2: Pro UTV, Class 9/11/1600 5 laps. Stock Pro UTV 4 laps​.  Sportsman Buggy 4 laps, Sportsman UTV 3 laps.

  20. Timing and scoring will be at the south end of the exit of the pits. The finish line banner will be just before exit of the pits.