Admission - Adults $20, kids (5-18 years) $10. Children 5 years & under are free.

Camping - $20 for weekend

Please bring cash, exact change is appreciated as cell service is minimal, this will also help with social distancing.


Spectator’s must practice social distancing

The grandstands are big enough, there’s plenty of room for everyone. Gloves will be provided at the restrooms, we ask that everyone please wear the gloves while using the restroom. Please be sure to use the hand washing station. We will do our best to sanitize restrooms and contact area’s around the racetrack as often as possible. Hand washing stations will be available as well.

Gates open at 5pm
7:00pm- Welcome party

10am-3pm- Tech and Registration

Tech will have time slots for groups of classes. The tech area will be fenced off, only the driver may enter the fenced area. Only driver and codriver are allowed in the registration area. We encourage everyone to register and pay online to help speed the process up, as well as minimize contact. Please practice social distancing in and around Tech and Registration. Moto’s will be determined by car count and total entries


10-10:30am- Sportsman, Group T sportsman, Vintage classes, Sportsman UTV

11-11:30am- Class 9,11, 5/1600, Class 10, 1600

11:30-12:00pm- Ultra 4 classes, Class 1, UT, 6100

12:00-1:00pm- Group T

1:00-2:00pm- Pro UTV

2:00-3:00pm- Pro stock UTV


3:15pm: Mandatory Practice Drivers meeting

Only drivers & codrivers may attend meeting. Everyone must practice social distancing. We will use the PA system so everyone can hear clearly.

3:30pm- Practice

Each class will get 2, 10-minute sessions.

3:30-3:40pm- Pro Stock UTV, Sportsman UTV
3:45-3:55pm- Pro UTV
4:00-4:10pm- Buggy’s
4:15-4:25pm- Trucks
4:25-4:45pm- Track maintenance
5:00-5:10pm- Pro Stock UTV, Sportsman UTV
5:15-5:25pm- Pro UTV
5:30-5:40pm- Buggy’s
5:45-6:00pm- Trucks


Gates open at 6am
7:00-7:30am- Late tech and Registration


7:30am- Mandatory Race Driver’s Meeting

Drivers and codrivers only at meeting. Everyone must practice social distancing. We will use the PA system so everyone can hear clearly.

8:00-9:00am- Practice 1-10-minute session
8:00-8:10am- Pro Stock UTV, Sportsman UTV
8:15-8:25am- Pro UTV
8:30-8:40am- Buggy’s
8:45-8:55am- Trucks
8:55-9:15am- Track maintenance

9:30am- First Moto will consist of 2, 8 lap motos.

1st moto based on entry date, carry over from original race date and then the most recent.
2nd moto reverses from first moto line up
Lunch break- 1 hour.
Main- 14 laps
Main starting position based on 2nd moto finish

Awards ceremony- 1 hour after final main
Moto’s will be determined by car count and total entries


As of 5/8. Entry list reflects timing of entry. Starting order for 1st moto is based off when entry was made.

#                      Name                           Home                           Class                     Note:

3967                Ed Conrad                         Minden             NV        Pro Stock Turbo

944                  Ashley Robinson              Sacramento     CA        Class 9

1440                Brad Popejoy                    Placerville        CA        Group T

3970                Gil Medrano                      Vacaville           CA        Pro Stock Turbo

3950                Mike Bruner                     Cloverdale        CA        Pro Stock Turbo

3993                Derek Parsons                 Redding            CA        Pro Stock Turbo

1063                Kenny Ott                          Fallon               NV        Class 10

872                  Jake Mathis                      Reno                 NV        Group T

???                   Matt Rager                        Reno                 NV        Pro Stock N/A                    Need #

3957                Patrick Larraburu            Rocklin             CA        Pro Stock Turbo

78                    Don German                     Petaluma          CA        Group T

1963                Jim Carius                        Penn Valley      CA        Pro UTV NA                        Mail in pay

3923                Jon Graham                     Reno                  NV       Pro Stock NA                      Mail in pay

767                  Jerry Kirkpatrick             Orangevale       CA        Group T sports                   Mail in pay

903                  Eric Steiger                      Elk Grove          CA        Class 9                                Mail in pay

113                  Stephen Pappas              Pioneer             CA        Class 1

PRO: UT, 1, 10, 1⁄2 1600, 6100, GROUP T
Total entry $680 (Land use $125, Insurance $60, Payback $65, Points $25)

Limited Pro: Class 5/1600, 11, 9
Total Entry: $430 (Land use $125, Insurance $60, Payback $40, Points $25)

Pro UTV: Turbo, N/A, Unlimited
Total Entry: $430 (Land use $125, Insurance $60, Payback $40, Points $25)

Pro Stock Turbo UTV, Pro Stock N/A UTV
Total Entry $355 (Land use $125, Insurance $60, Payback $40, points $10)

Sportsman Buggy’s and Group T Sportsman
Total Entry: $355 (Land Use $125, Insurance $60, Payback 0, Points $0)

Sportsman UTV
Total Entry: $250 (Land Use $125, Insurance $60, Payback 0, Points $0)

Western Village in Sparks has rooms

rates for Vorra.
815 Nichols Blvd Sparks Nv 89434
Group Name: Vorra Racing
Group Code: LVR0420

King room Thursday $75.

Friday and Saturday $125

2 queens Thursday $85.

Friday and Saturday $135

Plenty of room for parking trailers and security is on site at all times.

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