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We Have a signed BLM permit and a title sponsor… VORRA officially presents- Giomi’s Ace Hardware,
Yerington 300!!!

Friday: 9/4

7pm Drawing for starting positions will take place in the Dini’s casino front parking lot. A stage will be
set for the drawing, chairs will be provided but feel free to bring your own. A food truck will be in the
parking lot as well. Please check out Dini’s casino for dinner and drinks. We want to support Yerington!

Saturday 9/5

10am Farmboy 25 poker run presented by Silver State Forklift and Pioneer Crossing Casino. Big money
and prizes added to poker run. Awards will be announced at the drivers meeting. Please leave a phone
number on your poker card in case you are not present.

Come Help us wish Farmy a Happy 40 th Birthday!

1pm Tech and Registration main street Yerington. You can drive your race car from pits to tech with an
escort. If teams want to group together with one escort that is ok too. NO EXCESSEVIE DISPLAYS OF
SPEED or BURNOUTS. Follow local traffic laws. Please plan on leaving your race vehicle on main street.
We want the fans to be able to check the race cars out, this will also make it easy for the parade.

Please come in your designated time slot.

Rugged Radios will be at contingency for your radio needs, among other vendors that we are working on

6:15pm Drivers meeting in front of Pioneer Crossing on main street. We will also broadcast on Facebook
and Instagram. We will be on a stage, with a PA system so we can properly socially distance.

7:15pm Parade will head south on Main street. Come back North on main street with an escort back out
too Main pit. No burnouts or speeding, please. Play by the rules, so we can continue to do this in years
to come.

Sunday 9/6

7am UTV race and limited cars

1pm afternoon race for all others.

10pm race over

Monday 9/7

10am Awards Ceremony inside the Pioneer Crossing Convention center.
Pro Pit is in!! They will be located at checkpoint 1 and 2. Dennis says he is going to try and bring the UTV
race spares and fuel back to main pit as soon as that race is over. We are working with him to get that
set up.

Racing Trax- You must go to Racing Trax website and sign up. You will need the wire harness and the
RAM mount to mount your tracker. You can follow our link on or go straight to and go to the order form. DO THIS NOW! The tracker in mandatory. There will be no
exceptions. This tracker is different compared to the tracker used in BITD. There is no push to pass. The
reason for this is cost. We are doing everything we can to keep the fees as low as possible. The
additional features would double the cost. At this point, we are in a trial process to see how it works for
VORRA and our racers. Paying for this in cash on site is not an option. If you don’t do it ahead of time
you will be directed to use your phone to log on.

Main Pit- Racers will be pitting in your own pit. There will be 5 lanes. Each lane will be one way. Pits will
be very well marked out. Follow the signs. All vehicles including pre runners must follow the one way.
There is no camping or pitting on the far south side of the pit area closest to the track

Racecourse: There will be 4, 25 mph zones on course.

1. Start finish area and main pits.

2. Approx. RM 2

3. Coming into checkpoint 1 and 2. 4. Coming into checkpoint’s 4 and 5. Speed zone at 4 and 5 are very
short. You may be held at checkpoints 4 and 5 for traffic at road crossing. This is a very seldom used
road, so the chances are slim. Watch for the checkpoint captains. If you see a stop sign out STOP.

All other Checkpoints are VISUALS. You will only be asked to stop at checkpoints 4 and 5 if needed. You
must stop at start finish.

There is no passing or bumping in 25 mph zones, you will be heavily penalized.

Speeding in 25mph zones will be monitored using radar guns and racingtrax. Speeding for an extended
period will result in 1 min per mph penalty.

Rough Driving will not be tolerated. Either on the track during the race or after the race. You will DQ’d if
we find that you are at fault. Between the 20 monitor stations on course and racingtrax if you are found
to be driving rough, or if you are found to not be getting out of the way, you will be penalized.

Thank you to the City of Yerington and Lyon County!

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