Friday July 17th

Track is closed for all prerunning. This is a closed course on BLM land for race weekend only.
In order to prerun you must take part in the poker run.

9:45 - Mandatory Poker Run Drivers meeting. Located at start finish area.

10am - Poker Run pre run, $25 entry per vehicle, receives 1 hand (card). All drivers and riders
must sign a liability waiver. Prizes will be given for best hands. 1 Card will be drawn at the start
line, Checkpoints 1, 2, 3, and the finish. Additional cards $25. Max two cards per person.
All participants will start in groups.

Group 1- 10:00am Race cars and Trucks.
Group 2- 10:15am UTV’s
Group 3- 10:30am Pre runners
Group 4 – 10:45am Quads and dirt bikes
Group 5- 11:00am Stock Vehicles

There is a 35mph speed limit. There is no passing. There is no stopping. You may be held at a
checkpoint to give a larger gap. Unless having a technical or mechanical issue you must not
stop. This is about safety. Stay out of the dust. Learn the course!


3:00-8:00pm: Tech and Registration Start Finish line.

Follow race course arrows east on course through the start finish area.

Tech will have time slots for groups of classes. The tech area will be fenced off, only the driver may enter the fenced area. Only driver and codriver are allowed in the registration area. We encourage everyone to register and pay online to help speed the process up, as well as minimize contact. Please practice social distancing in and around Tech and Registration. Refer to Covid Guidelines.


3:00-3:45pm- Sportsman, Group T sportsman, Vintage classes, Sportsman UTV

3:45-4:30pm- Class 9, 11, 5/1600, Class 10, 1600

4:30-5:15pm- Ultra 4 classes, Class 1, UT, 6100

5:15-6:15pm- Group T

6:15-7:00pm- Pro UTV

7:00-8:00pm- Pro stock UTV

You must tech before entering registration. Crowd control will be enforced at entrance. Only driver and co drivers may enter registration. 1 team at a time.  

8:00pm - Mandatory Drivers Meeting: Located at the start-finish line. We will have the PA system set up so we can provide plenty of social distance. Drivers meeting will also be broadcast on Facebook and Instagram. (Cell service permitting)                                           


Saturday July 18th

Track will be the same as last year, approximately 42miles. The track will run counterclockwise.

6:00-6:30am- Late tech for all vehicles. All drivers, riders, and co drivers must meet with BJ and go over Drivers meeting. All vehicles will stage on salt wells road headed east. Racers will stage at the finish line, (bottom of the hill) 5 minutes before start, all race vehicles will parade from the finish line to the end of the pit area. All race's will start at that location, but finish at the bottom of the hill where the start/finish banner will be set up.
7:00am- First bike off the line. 2 bikes at a time leaving start line. 30secs apart.
Pro and Expert course consists of 3, 42-mile laps.

Amateur and Women’s 2, 42-mile laps.
9:00am + start time- no additional bikes to leave start line
Grand Prix Finish

9:00am- UTV, Class 9 and 11 race staging.
9:30am- 1st UTV off the line. Unlimited, Pro Turbo UTV, Pro NA UTV, Pro Stock Turbo, Pro Stock NA, Sportsman UTV.

Unlimited and Pro UTV’s race 5 laps

Pro stock race 4 laps

Class 9 and 11 race 4 laps

Sportsman UTV race 3 laps

3:00pm + start time- no vehicle to leave start line

3:30pm- Staging all buggy’s and trucks

4:00pm- First Unlimited Truck off the line (1 vehicle per 30 sec)
Pro classes race 6-42-mile laps, 8-hour time limit.

Sportsman race 4 laps
11:00pm + start time- No car to leave start line if deemed unable to complete by cut off time.

Midnight + start time- Race over for all vehicles.


Sunday July 19th:
10:00am- Awards ceremony at the Start-Finish Line


- Class Starting Order -

- Fallon 250 Classes-

$10.00 Membership per MX or quad racer per racer

$100.00 Per driver or Co-driver in truck or buggy classes

Mx and Quads rules and info for Fallon 250 2020.

In addition to the entry fees, there is a single race membership for each rider at $10.00
Pro + Expert class Entry $105.00 plus a $10.00 membership fee per rider. Trophy + 10% Payback
Amateur +ladies $85.00 plus $10.00 Membership per rider. Trophy + No payback


All Mx and Quads rules are based off the BITD rulebook. Refer to BITD.com for a full run down. The rule
book is very basic. Tech inspection is required to inspect the following items.
Helmet’s- Snell rated with a 2010 or newer rating (2020 is last year of 2010 rating being legal)
Chest protector.
Flashing red light is recommended but not mandatory.
Class numbering will be enforced, we will have someone on site to help with numbers if needed.
Pros- Open Numbers- Blue or Red background- White Letters
Expert-open Numbers-Yellow background- Black Letters

Amateur and Ladies- Open Numbers- Black background- White Letters

The # 1 plate is reserved for the 2019 Fallon overall bike winner. #P1-Wyatt Brittner
A team race is permitted, meaning multiple riders per bike is ok.
All bike must Tech, then register. If possible, please pay and pre-register to save time at registration.

- GPS Files -

GPS download available with these 2 links.

Theses are the basic GPS and Danger markers. If you are interested, you can purchase the download that has over 300 waypoints!!! Even if you have race Fallon many times, it’s a great way to see how to mark and give your driver maximum information!


Also, Erica will be on site and will be holding a live GPS class at the start finish line Friday after the Pre run.

Head over to  https://waypointnav.co/ to get signed up!

- Map & Schedule -


Hotel room rates: 7/16-7/20

Holiday Inn Express

Closest to Tech and Registration

Group Name: Vorra

Block Code: VRG

$104 per night

55 Commercial Way, Fallon


Closest to Track

Group Name: Vorra

$99 per night

1035 W. Williams Ave, Fallon


Best Western