Desert Highway



JULY 9 - 10


Fallon information letter- 2021

1.Directions to main pit from Stockman’s Casino.

Head East on highway 50 15.2 miles to Salt Wells rd. (You will see a RV dump station at the turn off)

Head West on Dirt Road from dump station 3.5 miles.

Pits will be marked out. Please set your RV’s a min. of 50 feet from course.

Start finish 39.333098, -118.586120


2. Directions from main pit to checkpoint 1 39.202427, -118.453401

Head east on dirt road from main pit.  Turn right and head east on Highway 50 for 12 miles.

Turn right onto dirt road, marked with 3 pink arrows.  Follow dirt road marked with arrows 5.9 miles.



3. Checkpoint 2 is very difficult to get to without taking racecourse. Pro Pit will be at checkpoint 2 for Saturday’s race. 39.128969, -118423941


4. Directions from main pit to checkpoint 3. 39.281428-, -118.622250

Head east on dirt road from main pit 3.5 miles. Turn left heading west 3.5 miles. Turn left onto Macari ln.

Follow Macari lane for .7 miles. Turn left onto Pitt Rd.  Follow Pitt rd. south for 7.7 miles. Be sure to stay right at Y.


5. The racecourse will run clockwise.

6. Tech registration will all take place out at the Start finish area.

7. There will be no awards at this race. Trophies and checks will be mailed the week after the race.

8. Mx and Quads race on Friday AT 7AM.  Please be sure to keep the track clear in the pit areas during the race. Registration will start at 5:45am. You MUST register online to avoid the late fee.  This race is a grand prix finish.

  • Pros and expert Classes 5–42-mile laps. 

  • Amateur 3 laps



9. Trucks and buggies race first on Saturday morning. 8am start time.

  • Pro Classes Race                                                       6-42-mile laps. 8-hour time limit

  • Vintage, Group T Lite                                              4 laps

  • Sportsman Buggy and Group T Sportsman          4 laps


10. UTV’s Start at 4pm

  • Pro UTV                                                                    5-42-mile laps, 8-hour time limit

  • 1/2 1600                                                                     5 laps

  • Stock Pro UTV                                                          4 laps

  • Sportsman UTV                                                        3 laps

  • Class 9/11/Vintage                                                    4 laps


11. We will hold a Live drawing for starting positions Monday 7/5 at 7pm on Facebook and Instagram. The top 3 from Yerington will start with an inversion. Your class must have had 3 finishers to qualify for the inversion. The rest of the entries will be drawn at this time.  You must be entered by Sunday at midnight to be entered into the drawing.

12.  The poker run will start a little later than normal due to the MX and Quad race.

13. Track notes:

1. There is a 25-mph zone at mile marker 2.5. At this location there is a set of pipes on both sides of the course. These pipes are filled with extremely hot water. DO not take a risk in this location.    

2. The course will run a short section of the lakebed. You will be DQ’d if caught running the entire lakebed.

3. Checkpoint 1 will be a 25-mph zone and require a full stop.

4. Checkpoint 2 will be a 25 zone but will not require a stop.

5. After checkpoint 2 there are several rollers. 2 of them can end your day, also cause major injuries. Pay attention to the several danger signs that will be posted.

6. Check point 3 is at the end of a very fast road.  There will be a 25 mph and require a full stop.

7. After Checkpoint 3 there are several wash outs also a tight canyon. Take your time through that section.

8. Main pit will be a 25-mph zone. All RV’s must be 50 feet from the racecourse.

9. All fuel containers must be in some type of containment system. IE kiddie pool or inside an enclosed trailer.

10. All pits must have a fueling containment mat. IE a tarp.

            11. All fuelers must be wearing a fire suit and helmet while filling with fuel.

14. Registration takes place 100% online. This means, if you have not pre-registered, and plan on registering at the track you will still need to do it online. So, DO IT NOW and save some time at the track.

15. You must sign the waivers online. Again, if this has not been completed, you will be asked to get out of line and do it on the kiosk. DO IT NOW. You must sign both waivers.

16. MX and Quads will hold a course marking lap Thursday evening. If you are looking to see the track prior to the race this will be your only chance.

17. All other pre running must take place during the Poker run.


18. Finally, It’s going to be HOT!!! Please do your best to stay hydrated.

Fallon Map - 2021

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July 9, 2021

Track is closed for all pre running. This is a closed course on BLM land for race weekend only. To pre run you must take part in the poker run.

5:45 am - 6:45 am             MX and Quads Tech and Registration - Located at Start finish area. All riders must be                                                 signed up online, have waivers signed. $250.00 late fee will apply.

7:00 am                               MX and Quad race starts.

                                             Pros and expert Classes 5 - 42 mile laps

                                             Amateur 3 laps

This race will be a grand prix finish!!!! Once the first rider finishes all riders will see a checkered flag. 5 hours plus start time total time limit.

9:00 - 11:00 am                  Registration for Poker Run - Start finish area. Save time and sign up online ahead of time. There will be 2 lines, one for those who signed up before and one for those who did not. 

10:45 am                             Drivers meeting for Poker Run - Start finish area.

11:00 am                             Poker run start

Poker Run-pre run, $25 entry per vehicle, receives 1 hand (card). $100.00 for all non VORRA members. All drivers and riders must sign a liability waiver. Prizes will be given for best hands. Additional cards $25. Max two cards per person. All participants will start in groups.

  • Group 1 - 11:00 am       Race Cars

  • Group 2 - 11:15 am       UTV's

  • Group 3 - 11:30 am       Pre runners then Handlebars

  • Group 4 - 11:45 am       Stock Vehicles

There is a 35mph speed limit. There is no passing. There is no stopping. You may be held at a checkpoint to give a larger gap. Unless having a technical or mechanical issue you must not stop. This is about safety. Stay out of the dust. Learn the course!

1st card drawn at the Start line, 2nd card drawn at Checkpoint ONE, 3rd card drawn at Checkpoint TWO, 4th card drawn at checkpoint THREE. 5th and final card drawn at Start Finish line.

3:00 pm - 7:00 pm                    Tech and Registration Location Start Finish area

7:30 pm                                      Mandatory Drivers Meeting. Start Finish Area


July 10, 2021

Track will be the same as last year, approximately 42 miles. The track will run clockwise.

7:30 am                            Staging Buggy and Trucks

8:00 am                            First Unlimited Truck off the line (1 vehicle. per 30 sec -1 min depending on entry's)

  • Pro Classes Race                6-42-mile laps. 8-hour time limit

  • Vintage, Group T Lite           4 laps

  • Sportsman Buggy and Group T Sportsman            4 laps

3:30 pm + Start time      No vehicle to leave start line

3:30 pm                            Staging UTV and limited buggy's

4:00 pm                            First Pro UTV leave's start line

  • Pro UTV                     5-42-mile laps, 8-hour time limit

  • 1/2 1600                   5 laps

  • Stock Pro UTV          4 laps

  • Sportsman race       3 laps

  • Class 9/11/Vintage  4 laps

  • Class 9/11                 4 laps

11:00pm + start time - No car to leave start line if deemed unable to complete by cut off time.

Midnight + start time - Race over for all vehicles.


April 11, 2021

Have a safe drive home. No awards at this race. Trophies and checks will be mailed 7-10 days following the race.

10:00 M 


Fallon Starting Order - 2021

Fallon Starting order. Note: if you do not see you race # next to your name I need it!


MX Quads

Race # Name

Pro MX

   Cole Burdick

   Gregory Pheasant

6          Josh Cook

77        Stephen Helms

Pro Quad

678      David Arnold

            Howard Tande

            Wrangell Gubler

            Louis Lazenby

8          Taryn Aguilera

Expert MX

       Thomas Tangedal

334 Trevor Walsh

Expert Ironman

  Dallas Theobald

  Colton Scudder

  Louis Lazenby

Am. Ironman

 Nate Hohlt

 Branden Gribskov

 Timothy Hohlt

 Travis Weir

 Jeff Johnson


Am. Quads

        John Spooner

        Colin Breckenridge

        Clayton Rigney

460 Steve Perry

       Jeff Waladias


Trucks + Buggies

Race # Name


1440    Brad Popejoy

Class 1

183 Rob Imrisek

191 Michael Eaton

106 Travis Mccalla

158 Roger Tiscareno


6104 Scott Wooden

6106 Ross MIller

Group T

402 Jake Povey

407 Randy Smallwood

413 Russell Hall

401 Chris German

Class 10

1026 Doug Seymour

1039 Chad Johnson

1028 martin Warchal

1008 Travis Bradford

523 John Molfidi


7 Sean Leoardini

Group T Lite

765 Edward Noce

755 Derek Craft

Group T Sportsman

440 Scott Cimino

Sportsman Buggy

1551 Dustin Wilburn


UTV + Limited Buggies

Race # Name

Pro Turbo

5924 Dylan Heiser

2932 Randy Adams

2909 Alex Baker

4969 Joe Pavone

890 Bill Hermant

2966 Ben Jones

2935 Justin Von metal

2923 Nathan Waunch

2956 Beau Judge

Pro N/A

1906 Tim Fitzpatrick

1986 Amin Patel

1913 Ronnie Scorsonelli

1911 Dan Benfield

1960 Micah Caudle

Pro Stock Turbo

3994 Matthew Waunch

3970 Gil Medrano

3967 Ed Conrad

3983 Bob Moen

Pro Stock N/A

3903 Matt Cochems

3944 Nathan Batchelder

3900 Hailey Mccalla

3946 Ryan Blaire

Sportsman UTV

5945 Jeff Troyer

3933 Brian Powell

5927 David Casal

½ 1600

1637 Randy Brunelli

Class 9

903 Eric Steiger

Class 11

1156 Scott Weir