Desert Highway


APRIL 8 - 10



Track is closed for all pre running. This is a closed course on BLM land for race weekend only. To pre run you must take part in the poker run.

Qualifying will take place for all pro vehicles.  Class UT, 1, 6100, 10, Group T, 4400, Pro turbo UTV, and Pro N/a UTV.  Qualifying will result for an overall start position. If you choose not to qualify, you will start in the normal class starting order following all those who complete the qualifying loop. To comply with BLM regulations, there is a $100.00 entry to qualify.  Overall Fast time wins $500.00

8:00 am – 9:00 am        Qualifying registration

9:00 am – 11:00 am      Poker run sign ups                    

9:30 am                             Drivers meeting for Qualifying, followed by line up

10:00 am                           Qualifying begins

12:00pm                       Poker Run Begins

Poker Run-pre run, $25 entry per vehicle, receives 1 hand (card). $100.00 for all non VORRA members. All drivers and riders must sign a liability waiver. Prizes will be given for best hands.

Additional cards $25. Max two cards per person.

All participants will start in groups.

  • Group 1 - 12:00 pm      MX and Quads racing will go first, followed by race cars and trucks.

  • Group 2 - 12:15 pm       UTV's

  • Group 3 - 12:30 pm       Pre-runners - Handlebars

  • Group 4 - 12:45 pm       Stock Vehicles - may be held at checkpoint's if unable to finish                                course before bike race.

There is a 35mph speed limit. There is no passing. There is no stopping. You may be held at a checkpoint to give a larger gap. Unless having a technical or mechanical issue you must not stop. This is about safety. Stay out of the dust. Learn the course!

1st card drawn at the Start line, 2nd card drawn at Checkpoint one, 3rd card drawn at Checkpoint two, 4th card drawn at checkpoint three. 5th and final card drawn at Golden Gate Petroleum 705 Freedom Rd, Hawthorne, NV 89415

2:00 pm - 6:00 pm              Tech and Registration Location Stockman’s Casino

6:30 pm                                 Mandatory Drivers Meeting. Start Finish area



Track will be the same as last year, approximately 55 miles. The track will run clockwise.

6:30 am                            Staging UTV’s

7:00 am                            First Pro UTV leave's start line

•          Pro UTV                     5-55-mile laps, 8-hour time limit

•          ½ 1600                    4 laps

•          Stock Pro UTV          4 laps

•          Sportsman UTV       3 laps

•          Class 9/11               4 laps

2:30 pm + Start time      No vehicle to leave start line.

2:30 pm                            Trucks and Buggies Staging

3:00 pm                           First Unlimited Truck off the line (1 vehicle. per 30 sec -1 min depending on entry's)

  • Pro Classes Race                                                5-55-mile laps. 8-hour time limit

  • Vintage, Group T Lite                                          4 laps

  • Sportsman Buggy and Group T Sportsman          4 laps


​10:00 pm + start time - No car to leave start line if deemed unable to complete by cut off time.

​11:00 + start time - Race over for all vehicles.



10:00 am - Awards Location TBD