Friday September 5th

7:00pm Welcome party and drawing located in Dini’s casino


Track is closed for all pre running. This is a closed course on private land for race weekend only.
In order to pre run you must take part in the poker run.


Saturday September 6th:

10:00am - Poker Run pre run, $25 entry per vehicle, receives 1 hand (card). All drivers and riders
must sign a liability waiver. Prizes will be given for best hands. 1 Card will be drawn at the start line, Checkpoints 1, 2, 3, and the finish. Additional cards $25. Max two cards per person. All participants will start in groups.

Group 1- 10:00am Race cars and Trucks.
Group 2- 10:15am UTV’s
Group 3- 10:30am Pre runners
Group 4 – 10:45am Quads and dirt bikes
Group 5- 11:00am Stock Vehicles

There is a 35mph speed limit. There is no passing. There is no stopping. You may be held at a checkpoint to give a larger gap. Unless having a technical or mechanical issue you must not stop. This is about safety. Stay out of the dust. Learn the course!

2:00pm - 6:00pm: Tech and Registration in downtown Yerington. Tech- Dini’s Casino, and registration in the Chamber of Commerce office (subject to change, virus). Trailer Parking is located east of Dini’s in the dirt parking lot behind Dotty’s casino. Tech and Registration may have additional rules to follow per Virus.


6:15pm: Mandatory Drivers Meeting, located at Yerington YTA (Yerington Theatre for the arts (Subject to change (Virus)
Late tech following parade…. There will be NO late tech Saturday morning.


7:15pm Parade down main street, escort back to Main pit following parade.

Sunday September 7th:

Start Finish Area. From Dini’s Casino head east on A95 3 miles. Look for VORRA signs. Address
to Pit is 75 Sciarani Rd, Yerington NV 89447.

6:30am: UTV Staging

7:00 am: UTV race start
Pro UTV’s 5, 42-mile laps. Total race mileage 210
Pro Stock UTV’s 4, 42-mile laps. Total race mileage 168
Sportsman UTV’s 2, 42-mile laps. Total mileage 84
12:30pm + start time: No UTV to leave start line.

1:30pm+ start time Race over for all UTV’s

12:30pm: Afternoon race staging

1:00pm: Afternoon race start
First Unlimited Truck off the line
1 vehicle per 30 sec.-1 min depending on entry’s
Pro classes 7-42-mile laps 294 total miles
Limited Pro 5-42-mile laps
Sportsman buggies and Group T sportsman 4-42-mile laps. 168 total miles
9-hour time limit. Starting order depending on entries.

9:00pm: No car to leave start line if deemed unable to complete by cut off time.

10:00pm: race over for all afternoon race.

Sunrise 5:30am
Sunset 8:20pm
Twilight ends. 8:52pm


SUNDAY September 7th

10:00am: Awards at YTA (Yerington Theatre for the arts), Refreshments and pastry’s available.
Subject to change (virus)

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